GIBXChange Digital Bank Exchange is Launching MT5 Soon

2021 will be destined to be the peak year for major brokers to launch MT5.

The world’s power brokers will successively launch MT5, and at the same time, deploy more global mainstream trading products to meet the broader trading needs of Chinese customers.

GIBXChange, the world’s first decentralized digital asset exchange covering foreign exchange functions, announced that the much-anticipated MT5 LP MAM+5A would be officially launched on July 7.

Those who have used the MT4 foreign exchange trading platform must know what functions the MT5 foreign exchange trading platform has. Compared with the MT4 foreign exchange trading platform, MT5 has more advantages.

It has a variety of foreign exchange currency exchange quotations, added more execution techniques, traded data on the platform is confidential, has a variety of chart analysis tools, and supports various cycles of K-line trends.

What is MT5? MT5 adds options and futures trading based on MT4 and optimizes its performance. At the same time, MT5 increased the lock-up function and began to promote vigorously.

MT5 is an institutional diversified financial market trading platform that allows one account to trade multiple assets, supporting foreign exchange, CFDs, futures, options, stocks, bonds, and other assets.

Because the foreign exchange market is an OTC (over-the-counter market), and stocks, futures, and other markets adopting an exchange model, MT5 will inevitably require more changes as a diversified financial market trading platform.

  1. Various charts and timetables

MT5 provides 21 forms, MT4 only provides 9 forms. Additionally, the MT5 body uses the function of opening an unlimited number of icon interfaces, which can open one hundred chart interfaces at the same time.

  1. Basic analysis

There is another advantage of using MT5: you can get a built-in foreign exchange calendar, including the latest events, timetables, expected impacts, and market forecasts, but MT4 does not have this function.

  1. Indicators and analysis tools

MT5 provides 38 built-in indicators, 22 analysis tools, and 46 images; MT4 only provides 30 built-in indicators and 33 analysis tools.

  1. Different markets supported

MT4 is designed by MetaQuotes specifically for foreign exchange market transactions and supports CFD transactions. The MT5 point system expands the range of supported markets, including stocks and mass commodity markets, and it can better connect to the central exchange.

  1. Market Depth

The market depth of the MT5 platform is an essential tool for traders. They can use this function to understand the market liquidity situation at each price. This brings additional transparency and market intuition, which is beneficial for trading, and MT4 does not have this feature.

  1. Order transaction

The principle of the order transaction executed by MT4 is that the FOK mode-the order is either immediately filled or canceled, and partial transactions are not allowed. While MT5 allows partial transactions, assuming that part of a trader’s order is executed and the other part is not executed, it will automatically form a limit order or a market order. Unlike MT4, MT5 complies with US regulatory laws and abides by the first-in, first-out (FIFO) principle.

  1. Pending orders

MT4 has 4 different pending orders: buy limit, sell limit, buy stop loss, and sell stop loss. MT5 has 6 forms of pending orders. In addition to the above four forms, it also adds stop-limit long orders and stop-limit short orders. These two new forms of pending orders allow traders to enter buy or sell orders at the market price.

  1. Order path

The development time of the MT5 platform is closer to now, and its order path is more optimized than MT4. Forex brokers using the MT4 platform need to upgrade their systems to establish connections with international central banks and other financial institutions. The MT5 platform itself integrates the systems of major liquidity providers in the foreign exchange market.

  1. Transaction processing

Also, due to the limitations of the development period, the transaction volume that MT5 can handle is better than that of MT4. MT4 can handle tens of millions of transactions, while MT5 has no limit on the number.

  1. Trading varieties

MT5 has more options, futures, stocks, and bonds.

  1. K-line period

MT5 has more custom time. 1-minute k-line, 2-minute k-line can be set at will.

GIBXChange’s MT5 LP MAM+5A hedging mode allows every open position to watch real floating transactions on the spot through the “MT5 client terminal.

For each order, you will see the name of the broker and traffic provider who sold the order to the market. Users can also use a comprehensive account for community trading (document copying) and fund custody trading services. Only GIBX in the industry can do it!

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